[Samba] Re: Offline Files won't sync after Samba upgrade

Mike Davison samba-list at symboliq.co.uk
Sat Oct 23 00:19:48 GMT 2004

> We have recently switched running Samba 2.2.7-security-fix-rollup on 
> RedHat 8.  I'm not sure which Samba version that was - whatever shipped 
> with RedHat 7.2 - but it didn't exhibit this problem.
> With the new version, trying to synchronize any file modification made 
> while offline, fails with the message "Offline Files (\\server\user on 
> server): Access to 'file.txt' is denied on \\server\user\my_folder.

Just thought I'd follow this one up in case anybody else has the same problem.

After some unfruitful messing about with config files, we installed Version
3.0.7 in place of 2.2.7-security-fix-rollup and it fixed the Offline Files sync
problem. Works perfectly now.


Mike Davison (same one)

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