[Samba] danish characters on win2k share

Martin Larsen MLA at compugame.dk
Fri Oct 22 09:53:40 GMT 2004

Hello all

I have a problem getting danish characters(æ ø å) shown on a mountet win2k share.
The samba is 3.0.7. The OS is Slackware 9.1 running on a 2.4.22 kernel. My LANG is 'da_DK.ISO8859-1'. 
On the linux box i can write and read the characters just fine with the internal filesystem. And when i mount a win2k share by 'mount -t smbfs //server/share/ /root/test/' i'am still able to read and write the characters correct to the share from the linux box, but when i look at the share from windows, it doenst understand them. Windows shows the characters as µ ° ? (æ ø å) and if i do it the other way around by creating a file on the windows box, linux interpets them as 221 o 206 (æ ø å)

I have tryed mounting the share with a lot of different options like iocharset=da_DK.ISO8859-1/UTF-8 or UNICODE or codepage=cp850/cp437 etc, just to try and find something that would work.

I havent got anything else inside my smb.conf than:

unix charset=UTF-8
display charset=UTF-8
dos charset=cp850

because the linux box is not going to be used for serving files.

I guess it best to tell that this is my first working with linux, but this is surpose to be posible right?

kind regards
  Martin Larsen

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