[Samba] extended attributes, samba and OS2

gillian gillian.bennett at celentia.com
Fri Oct 22 05:10:19 GMT 2004


I appologise if this totally irritates people as there seems to be quite
a lot of info about this issue but a lot of it is quite old, for samba
2.x and kernels around 2.0 also. I have been beating my head against it
for a little while - bumped into a dead end now ;(

I am running centos-3 x86_64 (RH ES equiv) with samba 3.0.7-1 as the
server, and OS2 as the client. Kernel is 2.4.21-20.EL. Connectivity is
no problem, OS2 just hooks straight on in. To test, I have been running

net use z: \\linx\linxdata
(no problems)

[C:]xcopy *.* z: /V /S

The xcopy seems to work fine until it hits the dir /Desktop, then it
stops, saying : The system cannot create this directory

I have 
*set ea support = yes in my smb.conf
*recompiled the kernel with extended attributes set to y
*mounted the ext3 LV with the user_xattr option set using tune2fs

I have also used the same command to xcopy /desktop to another OS2 drive

I have also, from this copy, turned off all the attributes I could find
using attrib -R -H -A -whatever Desktop 


All with the same result.

If I go into /Desktop, and try to copy files/dirs from there, I get an
extended attribute error saying the target directory doesn't support
extended attributes.

My questions are:
Am I doing a totally dumb thing trying to xcopy C drive?
Is there a problem with xcopy? (I am not that familiar with OS2)
Is there something I have missed wrt setting up the server to handle
extended attributes?

Thanks, Gillian

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