[Samba] Re: Trusting and Trusted Domain Samba LDAP (mapping Home Directories) Problem

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Fri Oct 22 00:10:35 GMT 2004

I can give a shoot at explaining the behavior and if I'm too off I hope 
I'll be corrected.

When you select Domain into which you want to login you specify the 
Domain where your credentials (username and password) should be verified 
but shares specified without Domain will be retrieved from the Domain 
your XP client belongs to.

I think what you want is to have 'logon home = \\%D\%U' instead of the 
one you get by default: '\\%N\%U'

Hope it helps,

Adrian Chow wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is my scenario:-
> 1.  I got 1 LDAP server with two domains (A & B) configured to it.
> 2.  Both domain PDCs are fully trusted to one another.  I did the 
> "trustdom establish" both ways.
> 3.  I have 1 XP client that has joined Dom A.  The login bar can allow 
> you to login to 2 domains.
> 4.  I can managed to login to both domains.
> 5.  I got all the sambaHomePath and home drive done properly on both 
> servers in terms of LDAP portions.
> Problem:-
> When I login (from XP client) to Dom A, no problem.  The home drive gets 
> mapped.
> When I login to Dom B, the home drive never gets mapped.  The login 
> scripts never run.  "net use x: /home" on the xp client says: "the user 
> home directory cannot be determined."  But \\domB\homes on windows 
> explorer worked!!
> I turn all syslog to debug and check everything on BOTH PDCs.  NO 
> errors!  What is going wrong?
> Funny thing is that the Dom A PDC will query the Dom B for passwd auth 
> check during the "net use x: /home".  Then it will query itself for the 
> sambaHomeDrive details and such.... no errors at all... but logging in 
> to Dom B cannot do it.
> I have also tried unjoining Dom A and rejoining Dom B.  The results is 
> vice versa.  That means Logging in to Dom B got no problems in terms of 
> mapping.  But Logging in to Dom A got problems.....
> Can anyone shed a light for me in this?  I was about to do mass 
> deployment.  My version of Samba is 3.07 for Dom B and 3.04 for Dom A. 
> They are running on Debian.
> Thanks.
> adrian

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