[Samba] Re: uid and gid problems with linux as client and server

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Thu Oct 21 23:40:45 GMT 2004

As far as I know smbfs uses uid and gid only for those shares which do 
not have their own access attributes. If server exports access 
attributes smbfs obeys them.

You can play with 'force user' and 'force group' attribute for this 
share to force access to be by uid and gid known on server.


Frédéric RAVETIER wrote:
> I mounted a samba directory on my client with something like :
> mount -t smbfs -o
> auto,rw,users,username=<name>,password=<pwd>,uid=fred,gid=fred
> //<servername>/data /mnt/server
> Then mnt/server is own by fred:fred but the uid and gid are not
> recursive. So I can not acces to some directory in mnt/server.
> Note that the uid and gid of the server are not the same as the one on
> my client.

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