[Samba] "Advanced Printer Features" in Samba 3.0.7 / Cups 1.1.20 ...

Manuel Capinha mcapinha at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 21:32:28 GMT 2004

Ok, jumping back into this wagon:

My problem is that with some HP drivers (Color Laserjet 5500 to be
precise) you loose printing options when EMF is disabled, while on
others (Laserjet 4000) everything works just fine. I'm talking
specifically about N-up printing here, though I'm not sure if there
are some other options missing.

I was able to get around this by using the cups PS driver, but I
couldn't make the Windows->Samba transition as transparent to our
users as I wanted. And in this particular case it's getting
troublesome to explain them why those nice dropdown options have
disapeared and why they now have to go to 3 windows to achieve the
same effect...

Still, I'm loving Samba+cups+our_custom_accounting_system and with the
queue update problem solved it will be even better!

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