[Samba] Browsing between linux boxes

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 19:52:52 GMT 2004

My problem appears to be too simple to be addressed in the documentation, 
being a linux-to-linux problem.  This is a mixed home lan, but the majority 
of file sharing is done between three linux boxes.  All three have a public 
directory, but the one on box1 is mainly used for file sharing.  All of this 
worked well with our old Samba 2 setup, but has now gone to pieces.  Two of 
the boxes are using Samba 3.0.6 and one 3.0.7.

Taking box1, then, as the most important one, other than /homes there are two 
shares declared:

	comment = home91
	path = /mnt/home91
	valid users = anne david
	writable = yes
	browseable = yes

	browseable = yes
	comment = Anne-Linux Public
	writable = yes
	path = /Public
	force group = 100
The first one appears to work well.  The second one, though, is problematic.  
It is possible to mount the share and write to the directory, but I cannot 
umount.  I get the error that the device or resource is busy.  The share 
disappears from the mount point, but it still shows in either smb4k or 
LinNeighborhood as being mounted, and any further attempt to mount it reports 
that it is already mounted.

The 'force group' line has been added because the logs showed that david, for 
instance was accessing as david:david, and I wondered if the group was part 
of the problem.  /Public was initiall anne:users, though I have now changed 
it to root:users.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting would be gratefully received.

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