[Samba] Experience on using Samba with XP SP2

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Oct 20 16:12:23 GMT 2004

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Walter Willmertinger wrote:
| rruegner schrieb:
|> Hi Walter,
|> relate to your answers i would say your win drivers arent very
|> compatibel to win xp sp2,
|> have you tried to get the printer directly connected to a win xp serv
|> pack2 machine using with the same drivers?
| the driver I use is the newest driver of kyocera. But anyway, maybe
| there is the problem.
| If I change the default printer to another printer, as an HP Laserjet 6L
| with MS windows driver, the dialogue comes much more quickly (5
| seconds). With the Kyocera-Mitas KM-2030 as standard printer, it takes
| 17 seconds to get the dialogue.

Could not be a bug just a chatty driver then.  The HP Laserjet
8150 PCL 6 driver is a lot like this as well.

cheers, jerry
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