[Samba] winbind AD group "non primary group" permissions

Schreiber Martin martin.a.schreiber at siemens.com
Wed Oct 20 10:35:11 GMT 2004


In our company we need to setup a samba-server for store the pst files in a
dedicated share on our samba server. A very important goal is "zero

Samba Server is a sun running solaris 9 , samba-3.0.7 is installed with
winbind , all is running as expected , users can connect to the share , if
the share isnt already created , it is created by preexec script

sniplet of smb.conf
        root preexec = /bin/ksh -c "mkdir /export/home/pst/%u"
        path = /export/home/pst/%u
        read only = no
        create mask = 0700
        directory mask = 0700
        available = yes
        public = no

and now th problem....

As all is running so well , customers become hungry on advanced features ...

One of the features is , they want acces to the share be restricted to a
special group(AD) which is not the user's primary group. I searched google
etc etc all faqs and so on , but nothing. I tried around with preexec
scripts , using getent group|grep $usr  ; without success,
maybe the failure is in my scripts , so my question ; is there anybody out ,
who had success in that case described

All  help is much apreciated  , kind regards			martin


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