[Samba] Applications that need admin privileges

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Oct 20 10:06:24 GMT 2004

> Hi guys, I have a working samba and openldap pdc which is actively being
> tested. I have a group of users that have specifics tools to use such as
> oracle client tools (sqlplus etc). I tried to logon as a test user and run
> the sqlplus but nothing happened, I tried adding this user to the local
> poweruser group but it produced the same result. Can this be achieved?
> It works fine if this user is a member of local admin group which I dont want
> to do because I want to limit what they can do to their workstations. Anyone
> out here who had a similar experience? Thanks for any help

Oh yes,  it is called "$(*@_@&R%** crappy PC software".  If the software is
broken and needs Admin privileges you don't have much of a choice,  but you can
still apply policies to an account with Admin privileges.

And don't forget to write a very nasty letter to the software shop telling them
to fix their software their non-compatble software!

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