[Samba] getting aache to auth against the samba tdb

DA Forsyth iwrTech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Wed Oct 20 10:47:04 GMT 2004

hi all

I'm new to all the multitude of authentication schemes in *nix 
systems, and therefore have a question.

My users will be using Samba tdb authentication for their normal 
login process.  On the same server we will be hosting various web 
content that should not really be freely accessible.  Apache 2 is 

Can I setup Apache to authenticate against the Samba tdb database?
if so, how?

(one day when I know enough about all this, I want to migrate to a 
single LDAP backend for all access controls - should I move to LDAP 
now?  (just been reading a bit about it and there appears to be a lot 
to learn to just get LDAP working >-: ))


       DA Fo rsyth            Network Supervisor
Principal Technical Officer  -- Institute for Water Research

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