[Samba] Implementing printer drivers using [print$]

Fabiano Felix felix at getnet.com.br
Tue Oct 19 15:31:28 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I'm implementing a Samba as print server and I would like to share all drivers to be installed on clients using the "print$" share (to be installed automatically). My system is a SUSE 9.1 Professional, and the samba version is samba 3.0.4-1. The drivers are located on /var/lib/samba/drivers.

I have made some tests with 3 printers (all had functioned correctly). To install the printers, I'm using the Windows API whitout problems but I have some doubts:
- How I remove some driver? And update?
- How I verify which files are provided by a specific driver?
- The drivers are organized using numbers (explained into the Samba Howto) and architecture. How Samba manage the drivers to guarantee that the installed versions aren't replaced? In an example, if I install some HP printers, will Samba guarantee that some DLL aren't replaced? How it is done?
- Reading the printers.tdb file, I found that is provided some information about the drivers. How I make a backup of this drivers to restore in case of disaster?
- I'll provide a lot of printers (more than 20 printers) on this server, all sharing this own driver. It's really possible, or this recurse is recommended only to small servers?

Thanks and regards,

Fabiano Felix

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