[Samba] Issues/Questions about Samba 3.x.x versus it's Working Status

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 19 14:00:34 GMT 2004

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Melfi.Marcello at hydro.qc.ca wrote:

| 1. I once asked if it was possible not to use winbindd
| and just use the "username map" parameter/file. I never got
| any answer to that... Is that a tough question?


| 2. When using winbindd, can I still use the "username
| map" parameter/file so that I link Windows accounts to the
| same Unix one? Right now, this does not seem to work... Is
| there some issues with this? What is the exact syntax?

See my post about this earlier today.

| 3. Is PAM absolutely required? I do not think so, but,
| hey, you never know...

No.  not required.

| 4. I saw in a few mails on Google that the
| command "wbinfo --set-auth-user DOMAINNAME\\Administrator%password"
| is sometime required? Is it true? What is it all about?

No.  not required nor needed in the latest Samba releases
(especially when using security = ads).

| 5. I saw also in a lot of mails on Google and Samba list
| that it was required to copy the libnss_winbind.so (from
| the nsswitch directory in the samba source) to the /lib
| directory. However, the target filename is sometime nss_winbnid.so,
| sometime libnss_winbind.so, sometime ending with
| .so.1 or .so.2, etc. What is it all about? What is really
| required? Is this system specific?

nss_winbind.so is the NSS library used to export domain
users and groups to the underlying UNIX OS.  It is required when
you run winbindd and the name is OS specific.

| 6. Does the Samba server (aka the Unix box) need to be in the
| same domain as the Win2K3 server? Same question for
| the client workstations?

Yes and no.  Suggest you re-reead the documentation on
security = [domain|ads]

| 7. I saw in some other mails/documents (too many read in
| a short period) that it may be required to change the
| Windows account's password? Is this true? If so, when
| is it required and with what typical configuration?

Normally this is handled automatically for you by
smbd (if appropriate) once you are joined to a domain.

cheers, jerry
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