[Samba] Re: ADS valid users can't map share

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 19 13:22:10 GMT 2004

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Igor Belyi wrote:
| Greg Adams wrote:
|> Yeah, that solved the problem for valid users. Thanks.
|> However, I now have a different problem. The same kind
|> of logic should apply to the username map, right? But it
|> doesn't seem to.
|> username.map:
|> !grega = "EDSADDDM+imguser"
|> So... it appears that the username map is not using the domain
|> information.
| I do believe it should... Could you provide 'log level = 10'
| from the  moment 'EDSADDDM+imguser' logs in and till it creates
| a file? This  should be logs for the '!grega = "EDSADDDM+imguser"'
| line in the map file.

I just checked on this and it looks like when you are a
domain member server, the username map honors the domain
portion of the username (on the LHS) when you authenticate
using kerberos but not when using NTLM.

Anyone besides me consider that a bug ?  However, changing
behavior is always risky.  Are there a lot of people utilizing
a username map with with a domain member server ?

cheers, jerry
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