[Samba] 'credentials' file doesn't work - also observed by others

Michael Woodhams mdw at free.net.nz
Tue Oct 19 02:24:46 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 23:45, Tony Breeds wrote:

[on the format of the credentials file]
> Isn't the syntax
> ---
> user = fred
> password = *****
> domain = bloggs

and another direct email suggested 'domain=<domain>' in fstab, and user
without domain in the credentials file. I could not get anything with
'domain=' to work in any variation.

However, the man page for 'smbmount' uses the terminology 'workgroup'
instead of 'domain', and I have now succeeded with the following:

//server/disk /mnt/point smbfs
workgroup=DOMAIN,uid=me,gid=me,credentials=/etc/smbpassword 0 0
[that's all one line]
and /etc/smbpassword:
username = me
password = pa55w0rd

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