[Samba] print que not updating

Spike Burkhardt burkhardt.richard at ssd.loral.com
Mon Oct 18 21:11:13 GMT 2004


  There was a similar thread in August but I'm not sure if this is the
same problem.  Basically what's happening is that I'm printing a desktop
file(Word/Excel/IE) to a printer served up on my samba server.  The job
prints, the file get deleted on the server but in my system tray, it
seems like the job never gets removed from the que or it's extremely
slow. Sometimes the job does get deleted from the que.  It seems like
once the job doesn't get removed from the que it won't unless I
specifically cancel the job or I restart the samba server.  I'm running
3.0.6 on Solaris 8.  The desktop is NT 4 SP6.   Can anyone help me out?


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