[Samba] Samba Errors in my log file

Elijah Savage esavage at digitalrage.org
Mon Oct 18 19:01:59 GMT 2004

So is this something I should need to do? I guess I need to read up on
sendfile because I am not sure why this would improve my speed one way
and make the errors go away.

The speed issue I had was all clients no matter O/S could copy or move
via drag and drop to the samba machine very quickly it has a gig'e'
connection. But try to pull that same file back to the client using the
same method and it took 5 times longer.

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On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 02:55:17PM -0400, Elijah Savage wrote:
>  Just for others to know.
> I am not sure why this has made m errors go away in my log files and 
> also fixed my speed issue when copying from the samba server to my 
> clients but it did.
> I added this
> server signing = auto
> To my smb.conf and it fixed bot the speed issue and the errors below I

> pasted in my first email. I was read the Samba book and was reading 
> about signing and just decided to see what affect this might have 
> little did I know it would resovle my issues.

This has the side effect of turning off sendfile (as we have to read the
entire reply before signing) which is probably what fixed your


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