[Samba] samba causing high load

Vegard Hanssen Vegard.Hanssen at mf.no
Mon Oct 18 13:46:33 GMT 2004

We have experienced some trouble with samba lately. The servers load going 
from 5 to 20 causing everything to go very slow, but when I use top to 
check which process could be the cause of the trouble nothing uses CPU 
cycles. We have about 90% idle CPU usage, but load from 5-20.

When I kill samba (service smb stop) the root-smb process still hangs and 
when I kill it (kill -9) the load goes back to normal (0.20). Then starting 
samba again and all is fine - for a couple of days.

Any suggestion to what I can check for? I have tried checking the open 
files, network traffic (pr IP too) but nothing unnormal shows up.

We're running samba-3.0.7-2.FC1


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