[Samba] Re: root preexec script runs twice

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon Oct 18 02:07:25 GMT 2004

> [netlogon] is a special share. I would guess Windows mounts it more than 
> once when user logins but you should see it then with 'log level = 5' as 
> 'cmd=/home/samba/scripts/create-login-script.sh adrian.h' line in smbd 
> logs. Have you tried to put this 'root preexec' into [home] share instead?

Workstations will connect/disconnect/reconnect to volumes at-will; 
there is just no getting around that.  Your preexec scripts need to be
able to cope with that fact,  either check the date on something and
bail if the script has already been run (or more recently that some
interval) or use the parameters to avoid running for the same tuple
(User+workstation) multiple times.
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