[Samba] Re: samba and photoshop

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Mon Oct 18 01:24:48 GMT 2004

Is there any error message reported on Samba side in smbd or nmbd logs?


ip.guy wrote:
> i'm having the same problem with my samba server and photoshop 7.0
> strangely enought though, the problem only exists on one of the two 
> mounted file systems (both identically formatted and mounted)
> brenth at luma-pictures.com wrote:
>> Hello all, I have a OSX server that is serving to an XP box via samba.
>> When the user on the XP box tries to save a file out of photoshop, It
>> errors out giving a "delay write failure" error. He can save local and
>> then copy it to the same directory without a problem. If you open a
>> different paint app ( or any app for that matter) on the XP box ( ex,
>> paint or paint shop pro), it works fine. you can save files to the OSX
>> server no problem, but if you open the exact file in photoshop and do a
>> save as, it won't save.
>> My hunch is that there is something photoshop is doing as it saves that
>> samba doesn't like, maybe tring to save a temp cache file or something.
>> I have tried the same action ( same file) with a totally different OSX
>> server ( fresh install, with only afp and samba turned on) and XP box,
>> with the exect same results. Has anyone ever seen this and maybe know a
>> work around?
>> Thanks
>> Brent

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