[Samba] PDC and windows xp domain joining - root user does notexist

Mark Rutherford mark at freequest.net
Sun Oct 17 17:52:44 GMT 2004

Got it all going now, thanks :)
Igor Belyi was a great help, thanks again!

As it stands now its just windows issues...
such as no non-sp2 machines being able to join the domain, and one 
machine doesnt read/save its roaming profile...
but the rest work.. what do you expect from windows? :)
if anyone has some insight to that one, id be glad to know what it is..
sp2 isnt 'liked' very much by other users..

thanks everyone for the help!

James Niven wrote:

>Can you see the test domain in Network Places from other workgroups on your
>network? If not, is NETBIOS over TCP/IP working on your network?
>Is the root user listed in /etc/samba/smbpasswd?
>Does your useradd script accept $ in a username (some do not apparently)?
>Check /etc/passwd for the machine's name
>Does your /var/log/samba/log.smbd or messages file indicate that an attempt
>is being made to query the password backend and that this is failing?
>James Niven
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>>ok, changed the computers name and added it just as I added 'test'
>>then, deleted the 'test' machine
>>the new machine I called 'mark'
>>and, it was already in a workgroup.. so I rebooted it
>>no change. it still tells me that root is an invalid user
>>so, im back where I started.
>>Anton K. wrote:
>>>Mark Rutherford wrote:
>>>>I am trying to set up a samba PDC, and I have followed many FAQ's and
>>>>HOWTO's ive found online.
>>>>all seem to be just about the same..
>>>>So, I made a config up (at the end of this email)
>>>>then I did the following:
>>>>added users/machines as such:  (just trying to get it to work, will
>>>>spice it up later)
>>>>useradd test$
>>>>passwd -l test$
>>>>smbpasswd -a -m test
>>>>smbpasswd root
>>>>(entered a password twice...)
>>>>Now... I went to the windows xp machine, changed some registry
>>>>settings (windows xp with service pack 2, BTW.)
>>>>then I attempted to join the domain,  entered 'TEST' as the domain,
>>>>and a prompt came up asking me for the username and password required
>>>>to join the domain..
>>>>entered root and the root password and... it tells me: 'the specified
>>>>user does not exist'
>>>>now, thats damned strange...
>>>>so I create another unix user, and then another samba user.. I call
>>>>this user 'test' with a password 'test'
>>>>so, I try to use that, and it tells me access denied... so I can
>>>>understand that..
>>>>I try to enter root with no password, and it tells me the username or
>>>>password is invalid.. I expected that as well, I guess.
>>>>im at a loss. I honestly dont know what to do.
>>>>my thing is, at work we are considering switching off of novell in
>>>>favor of samba, so I best get to know it
>>>>im off to a rocky start. I hope that someone on list has an idea.
>>>>thanks in advance :)
>>>>here is my smb.conf, mostly copied from examples:
>>>>       workgroup = TEST
>>>>       netbios name = SAMBAPDC
>>>>       server string = Samba %v on %L
>>>>       log level = 1
>>>>       log file = /var/log/samba/log.%L
>>>>       max log size = 1000
>>>>       time server = Yes
>>>>       socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY SO_SNDBUF=8192
>>>>       logon script = logon.bat
>>>>       logon path = \\%N\profiles\%u
>>>>       domain logons = Yes
>>>>       os level = 255
>>>>       preferred master = Yes
>>>>       domain master = Yes
>>>>       path = /home/samba/netlogon
>>>>       browseable = No
>>>>       path = /home/samba/profiles
>>>>       read only = No
>>>>       create mask = 0700
>>>>       directory mask = 0700
>>>>       browseable = No
>>>>       path = /home/samba/data
>>>>       read only = No
>>>>       create mask = 0750
>>>>       directory mask = 0750
>>>>       guest ok = Yes
>>>How did you called the machine. It has to be the same like the machine
>>>account of cource, probably 'test' in your case. I saw that you called
>>>the workgroup the same. My win workstations complain if have machine
>>>with same name as domain. Try calling domain test1 and machine test
>>>for instance.
>>>I also noticed that sometimes a win machine has to be restarted before
>>>joining a domain .... I don't know why.....
>>>You can also try make a WinXP SP2 a workgroup machine before joining
>>>to the domain and test  user root and password.....
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