[Samba] can I (re-)share a share of another samba server

Urs Rau urs.rau at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 14:04:02 GMT 2004

What I would like to achieve is having a symlink under a mapped share
on my main server (called linux) which would transparently read or
write the data stored under that dir across the network to another
samba server (called backup).

What I  have done sofar. I have one main samba server called "linux"
that is the PDC and one backup samba server called "backup" that has
"security = server" and "password server = linux".

What I would like to have is a directory on the users home dirs that
is a symlink to their homedir on the backup server

What I have tried doing is I mounted the share of the backup server
from the smb backup server into the "/mnt/samba/backup/users/" dir and
then creating a symlink on linux in the users homedir to the correct
place under the "/mnt/samba/backup/users" dir. ( I have made sure that
the mount points have adequate permissions.)

This almost works as intended. I can now read the data that is coming
from the backup servers share, but I cannot write to it. (Is this
because "root" has mounted the smb share from backup onto linux?)

Is there a way to (re-)mount a smb share in this fashion and share it
out again or does each client PC have to create it's own connection to
the backup server.

Would this better be achieved by using nfs  for the connection between
linux and the backup server?

Thank you for any pointers or help with this.

Urs Rau

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