[Samba] Re: for XP client do I need to have a "machine account"

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Sat Oct 16 18:55:58 GMT 2004

bill eight wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok - win95 systems were on Samba 2.2.x
> Now, added XP pro systems...
> added user account on XP desktop
> AND on samba/linux server and
> did a "smbpasswd -a"
> c:\>net use \\ipaddr\share /user:"user"
> works ..
> but on the XP system (logged in as that
> user) I CAN't see the network, even
> doing an add network places..
> (I get no error.. )
> question - 
> DO I need to put info about the XP machine
> into the samba server?

If you use 'security = user' than machine (XP system) should become a 
member of this domain before you will be able to login into domain from 
this machine. So, yes - you DO need to put info about the XP machine 
into the Samba server. The good news is that when you join the Domain 
Samba will put this info for you.

It probably doesn't answer what you have actually asked but it's a hint 
that you maybe need to give more details on what you did, what you 
expected to see and what you actually saw. :)

Hope it helps,

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