[Samba] Re: Two Questions concerning samba - file access times - two instances on one server

Holger Krull holger.krull at gmx.de
Sat Oct 16 07:25:48 GMT 2004

> It's more like an ext3 question...
> NTFS has create, modify, and access timestamps whereas
> ext3 has change, modify, and access ones.
> According to my experiments on NTFS:
> 'create' really never changed.
> 'modify' changes whenever file is saved.
> 'access' changes whenever property of the file (Permissions or its name) 
> get changed.
> reading file does not change any timestamp at least when I read a text 
> file with Notepad.exe.

That's strange, because it should do just that, it does here. Are you 
shure you didn't set NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate in your registry?

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