[Samba] Re: 'add/change/delete share command'(s) in smb.conf

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Sat Oct 16 04:17:51 GMT 2004

webster at lexmark.com wrote:
> Hello.
> I need to allow one of my users to add & delete shares on my Samba server 
> through the 'server manager' applet on his client .
> This same user also writes some files to the same Samba server.
> I don't want the files that he writes to be owned/written by 'root' .
> The way I understand the 'add share command' currently, this is not 
> possible.
> Am I missing something?

I think you are right. User can not have more than 1 identity when 
connecting to Samba. If it's an Administrator everything will be done 
from the root account.


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