[Samba] SQL Server can´t validate users over Samba Trust

Gustavo Lima gustavo.lima at conab.gov.br
Sat Oct 16 03:38:22 GMT 2004

        Hi All,

I have a huge problem and hope somebody can help me.

The SQL Server is mapping all the user accounts of the databases on Samba
users list. The users who are in my local domain keep working fine and
authenticating over SQL. The users who were mapped over trust relationship
are shown in a first moment and then they just show the SID of the user but
not the name. Because of this situation they can´t logon on the apps that
uses de db on SQL.

The same is happenning over some mapped users on some shares I have.

Is there any parameter on samba where I can grant these shares and
everything else over these trusts?

Thank´s any help.


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