[Samba] Ugrade 2.2.8 to 3.0.7

Jason Pirok payrok at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 13:43:48 GMT 2004

you'd still have to update your sources.list and the apt.conf for
APT:CACHE-LIMIT google on adding entries to the sources.list (if you
look at the file you'll see how easy it is (located
/etc/apt/sources.list) you'll probably have to make the apt.conf with
the one line i mentioned to get past the default cache limit.  once
you do that it's as simple as 'apt-get upgrade samba' i think is the
correct syntax to upgrade one package.  It's not hard after you learn
the ins and outs.  good luck


> Thnx for your answer
> For this question and many other linux questions I always google first
> But after weeks of googling and no correct answers I tried the Samba
> list
> My problem at googling for linux is is that I don't know what the
> correct google question is for my problem
> Must I google for samba or must I google for apt or must I google for
> debian
> But nowhere a line of configuring samba 2.2.X to 3 or something like
> that, the only lines I came up with were lines of experienced users that
> only mention the main lines and not the lines before about which command
> there should be used to accomplish something.
> The options apt-get update and upgrade I tried but samba still stay at
> the 2.2.8 version and won't upgrade to version 3 (which I need I think,
> because of a network that consist of Windows xP pro en SBS server 2003
> (I use samba only for the fileserver)
> So all I need is the step to upgrade "some" (in this case samba)
> software on linux.

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