[Samba] Photoshop "Disk Full" error, a linux filesystem NOT Samba issue

Jim Cunning jcunning at cunning.ods.org
Fri Oct 15 05:31:15 GMT 2004

I changed my smb.conf (on a SuSE 9.1 system) to include "max disk size = 
1000"  I no longer get "Disk Full" errors when I try to do a file backup 
using Quicken 98 to an SMB share......but now I get a "Drive not ready" 
error.  I've tried several values and all behave the same.  I have a Reiser 
FS on 9.1, but had ext2 on 8.2 and got the same "Disk Full" errors.  I 
don't know whether the "Drive not ready" errors are particular to Reiser as 
I don't have ext2 partitions anywhere to compare.

Anybody have similar experiences?


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