[Samba] rpcclient shutdown with -m

Flavio Fonseca ff at dr.ufu.br
Thu Oct 14 21:01:59 GMT 2004


  Am I posting this to the wrong list?

  I used the command rpcclient shutdowninit -m MESSAGE ... 
  to shutdown windows workstations and it used to work just fine.
  After an online update on the windows workstation the shutdown script 
stopped working.
  Trying the command manually I got this return error:
  result was NT code 0x00000057

  when I cutoff -m MESSAGE from the script it works fine, but I can't display 
any message to the user on the workstation.

  anyone can help?

Flavio Fonseca
Administrador de Redes
Divisao de Redes
Universidade Federal de Uberlandia

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