[Samba] Can't join domain - no message

smg at goldmedal.co.uk smg at goldmedal.co.uk
Thu Oct 14 14:57:09 GMT 2004

The IP has been changed for security, but yes it's correct.

The fact that no message is given is the problem - no message either way.
I've setup Samba loads of times and seen successes ans fails at this point,
but never nothing.  The same happened originally when I tried installing
Samba 3.  I installed this version as I knew is was working on another
system with the same O/S level.

This is why I'm stuck.



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smg at goldmedal.co.uk wrote:
| Output from smbpasswd with debug level 10:
| ./smbpasswd -D 10 -j DOMAINNAME -r PDC -U username
| Password:
| Connecting to at port 445
| As you can see, no message to say domain joined
| or not

You should get some configmarion such as "joined domain BLAH"
Is that IP address corret ?  Does smbpasswd every connect ?
The log file shouldn't just stop.  There should be a lot
more information after that last line.

cheers, jerry
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