[Samba] Re: Sage oplocks

Terry terry at bluelight.org.uk
Thu Oct 14 13:37:05 GMT 2004

I need to set oplocking in smb.conf.I had it running for a while but on
some windows pc's when i deleted a file it stayed there when attemping
to delete for second time it threw an error saying file did not exist
I suspect this is windows problem so when i enable oplocking do i need to
do anything on the windows pc's.
I noticed this in the samba docs and wanted to confirm its the right
thing to do ( nt4 and XP machines by the way )
The following registry entries on Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2000
Professional and Windows NT4 workstation clients must be configured as
shown here:


Sage is proving to be a pain in general
Regards Terry

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