[Samba] Looking for large-ish deployment advice

Adrian Hicks Adrian.H at auston.edu.sg
Thu Oct 14 02:50:29 GMT 2004

On 14 October 2004 am 01:00, Quentin Hartman wrote:
> server in another building. Using separate domains, this is easy, and
> somewhat the natural behavior. I would like to use a single domain to
> keep management overhead lower if possible. It's the "figuring out" part
> that I have to work out yet.

One thing that might work is naming your workstations differently for each 
building (eg. BLDG1-username) & auto-generating the logon script based on 
that, ie. pass the machine name to a preexec script that creates the logon 
script; the preexec script then greps the machine name for the building 
name, & writes the appropriate server name into the logon script based on 
the building name.

Or why not include the server name in the workstation names to make it 

Adrian Hicks

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