[Samba] Cannot receive files from server 3.0.7 to W2K

Aymeric Berrendonner aymericb at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 21:36:41 GMT 2004


My problem is the following :
I have a Debian (testing distribution) on which I used to have Samba
server v3.0.2a
it worked perfectly with my other machine which is running Windows 2000. 
I recently made a global packages update on my Debian machine, which
apparently changed the Samba server to 3.0.7
Since then, I have been absolutely unable to retrieve files from the
debian server to the Windows client.

This is the detailed operation :
I map \\mydebianserver\myshare to a local drive on my W2K, that works great
I can browse all subdirectories from "myshare". that works great too
I can create files on myshare from W2K, and even write in the files.

However, when I try to copy a file from "myshare" to any Windows
directory, the file appears on the W directory... as if it was done
correctly, but as soon as I try to open it, it says it cannot open,
the file disappears from the directory, and the mapping crashes with
an error saying that windows cannot access the share anymore.
With further investigation, it seems that if the file appeared on
Windows, it is just because the place was reserved for the copy, but
no bytes were actually copied, as the samba server crashes immediately
when I try to retrieve data from the server.
One other strange thing that I met through my tests is : I have
retrieved a MS Word file from the server by the same copy-paste method
described below, and I opened it . It seemed to have altered the file,
and added unreadable data at the beginning of the Word file. some at
the beginning of this data, I can notice the word "SMB"

Thanks for any help. I have to confess that i'm a bit lost ...
Have a nice day.


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