[Samba] Looking for large-ish deployment advice

Krystian Filiks filiks at telesonique.com
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Hi Quentin

Why not having one central PDC and use login scripts to map the home
directories on the local PC to the apropriate place on a per user basis?


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	I am working on the design of a fairly large samba deployment, and I am
looking for feedback on some of my design ideas.
	I have 10 buildings spread out in and around a city, all interconnected
via 1.5Mb leased lines. There are samba servers in each building. I have
some users that move from building to building. We are using primarily
windows 98 desktops, with a few 2K and XPP machines thrown in for
	Ideally, I would like to setup a single centrally managed and
authenticated domain, but have user home directories served from member
servers in the users' home buildings, as performance over the WAN links
is poor. The problem I'm having is figuring out a mechanism wherein the
PDC or a login script will be smart enough to know which member server
to connect to for their home directories. My goal is to normally only
have authentication and internet traffic traversing the WAN links, and
only have user data traversing the WAN links when someone is not in
their usual home building.
	Right now, I am planning on setting up multiple domains, one for each
building, and then setting trusts between them all. This way everyone
can login to their home domain and get at their data, but then still
have access to the applications on the local server, regardless of which
building they are in. This solution is more complex and has more
management overhead than I would like, but is the only way I have come
up with that I know will work. Anyone have any better ideas? As I've
only done relatively small and simple samba deployments in the past, I'm
sure there are some more advanced features that I don't know about that
might make this possible. Would DFS work?


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