[Samba] Users not able to save doc. in home folder

Richard Michael rmichael at fields.utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 13 04:29:32 GMT 2004

* Mark Sarria <marksarria at socal.rr.com> [041012 23:57]:

> We have Windows XP client authenticating to a samba server. When users
> try to save their work to their home folders they get a message saying

Have you verified that the Unix side filesystem isn't actually full?
Unix "df" will show you this.  ("df -k" if you want it in K, "-h" if
you're using GNU df).  Is anything on the Unix side acting up?  Check

Check the samba config.  If you're using group perms in your smb.conf,
did you put the new users into the correct groups when you created the
accounts?  If you're using system groups (i.e. "valid users =
+group_name"), Unix "id" will help here; else, you'll have to use your
system tools.

Check the Unix filesystem itself.  Do users have correct permissions on 
whatever path(s) you've set in the shares in smb.conf?  Showing us "ls
-ld /path/to/troublesome/share" in conjunction with the smb.conf would

> protected or corrupt". I check the permissions and check the smb.conf
> file and everything looks ok. 

Maybe posting some of your smb.conf would help, perhaps you've over
looked a typo.  I do it all the time, more eyes are better. :)  If you
don't post it, we have to go through all the above guesswork.

Finally, what else (if anything) on the system has been changed?


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