[Samba] Major Samba Battle

Brian Witowski brian at witowski.net
Wed Oct 13 00:16:33 GMT 2004

I've been here before but I'm still battling with getting Samba to work
right with my XP Pro clients.  In a nutshell, when I try to access a share,
it asks for a username and password.  I enter a username and password and it
simply goes right back to the prompt, asking again.  This is when it's set
up as a domain controller.



I should note:

I CAN join the domain. 

I DO have my workstations added as machines. 

My [homes] mapping works fine.  

After I log in, I can access my H: drive (homes).

I have added Unix users and passwords to Samba  

I've tried disabling Shorewall


But that's about the only thing that works.  Ethereal is showing errors such
Connect AndX Request, Path :\\SERVER\DOWNLOADS" then "Tree Connect AndX


Im at my wits end.  I've been fighting with this for 3 weeks and not making
any progress.  PLEASE, give me a push in the right direction.





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