[Samba] Redirect "My Documents" for NT through XP

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Tue Oct 12 21:19:35 GMT 2004

Misty Stanley-Jones schrieb:
> I have seen ways to redirect "My Documents" for XP through the registry, and 
> I've seen ways to do it in NT if you have NT server actually connected to 
> your PDC.  I've seen ways to do it in 9x if you have Windows 98 somewhere so 
> that you can use their policy editor.  Isn't there some way that I can do it 
> for everyone all at once?  I don't happen to have any Win98 machines.  I only 
> have one NT server which is not connected to the domain.  I really want to 
> redirect My Documents because I'm worried about what will happen if someone 
> saves a document and their machine crashes before they log out of the PDC 
> (no, Windows NEVER crashes).
> Any help would be appreciated.  By the way, ifmember.exe is beautiful.  If 
> anyone needs help with group-aware logon.bat scripts, I will be glad to give 
> you some examples.
> Misty
Hi, as win98 cannot be a real domain member there will be no magic
to do this with ntconfig.pol,
but there is a way i think.
create the right reg file ( for redirect the My documents in win98 )and 
use win98 regedit version , copy it both in the netlogon share ( maybe 
sub folder ) in your default logon.bat insert a check to the inlogging 
win version and invoke a subbatch job which does the reg patch.
I think there must be ways to this with win scripting too.
As the win version vari in some thing at behavior at logon
a general version check is always good to have.
At last mixed setups ( many win versions ) cannot be recommended
especially if you use roaming profile...these problems are not really
samba related , so googling on win admin sites should help you much
about solving such problems

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