[Samba] Small bug with Samba 3.0.7's smbd process (or just a bad compilation)???

Melfi.Marcello at hydro.qc.ca Melfi.Marcello at hydro.qc.ca
Tue Oct 12 19:59:14 GMT 2004

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the explanation! I must point out though that it would be better
if the smbd process that is taking care of the lpq cache was renamed so that
it would not be confused with the other smbd process.



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Marcello Melfi wrote:

| Normally, when Samba is started, there should be one
| smbd process and one nmbd process up and running. Then,
| one additional smbd process is started for each share established with 
| a client pc. However, this is not the case here. When I start Samba 
| 3.0.7, I get two (instead of one) smbd processes and one nmbd process. 
| Other then that, everything seems to work ok (although I did nor had 
| the time to perform a lot of testing...). Is this a new Samba feature 
| or is there something wrong here?

New feature.  The second child process is responsible for updating the lpq
cache for various printers.  Although we're still working out a few issues
with it for 3.0.8.

cheers, jerry
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