[Samba] Performance Issues with GBit LAN

Steffen Timmermann STEX20 at inetmx.de
Tue Oct 12 16:34:15 GMT 2004


I have 2 PC's connected with 1GBit NIC's. When I transfer a file from my File-Server(Redhat9.0, 256 SD-RAM, 300MHz PII, RTL8169 NIC, 2x Western Digital WD200JB RAID 0) to my Windows-PC(AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 1024 MB DDR-RAM, WINXP PRO, RTL8169 NIC, 2x Western Digital WD080JB RAID 0) with Samba, i get Speeds around 8-9MB/sec. I think this is too low for an GBit Network, so i tested the NIC's with the Tool Iperf (http://dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Iperf/) and the throughput with this tool is 300 Mbit/sec, so I think, i can get 20 MB/sec with Samba. The Bottleneck why its only 300 Mbit is the "old" File-Server Hardware. I'm using CAT 6 Cables and a 8-Port GBit Switch. The Cards are running both at GBit speeds, as the Switch shows. So what's the reason for this Performance issues?

Any Help is greatly appreciated.


Steffen Timmermann

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