[Samba] Rogers Network Security - AutoReply

abuse at rogers.com abuse at rogers.com
Tue Oct 12 12:17:02 GMT 2004

This is an automatic reply to inform you that your Email has been accepted 
by our mail server and is currently queued for review by a Rogers Network
Security representative.  Please note: If you have submitted more then one 
Email complaint within a 48 hour timeframe then you will only receive one
automatic reply to all your complaints.


To process your complaint we require that you include the VIOLATING IP ADDRESS in the Subject line of your email. If you have not done so already, we recommend that you resubmit your email with the appropriate IP in the Subject field. This will prevent delay in processing your complaint


Reporting SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial/Bulk Email)

Paste the full message header along with the body of the message
received within the context of your complaint in plain text only

Reporting security violations 

Include the relevant log entries in plain text format only. Log
entries should contain a time stamp, source IP address, protocol
(TCP/UDP/ICMP) and any applicable ports involved.

Reporting USENET Violations

Ensure that you include the post in question (no attachments please!) with
the full message header along with a working link to the charter/FAQ of the
discussion group in question. .

This Email address is used for reporting violations of the Rogers End User
Agreement committed by a Rogers Hi Speed Internet customer. 

Abuse originating from outside the Rogers network should be reported to the
appropriate domain administrator from the domain of the offending IP

Due to the volume of Email received by the Rogers Network Security
Department, we are unable to respond to each Email message individually
particularly if a large group of Rogers subscribers have been impacted. 

Please be assured that your concern is being addressed.

For your convenience, we have posted current security-related issues on the
Rogers Customer Support Website. You can check to see if your particular
concern has been addressed by visiting:


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