[Samba] NT4 RAS Dial-in with Samba 3 PDC

ds_shadof at uni-altai.ru ds_shadof at uni-altai.ru
Tue Oct 12 11:07:40 GMT 2004

Hello Aaron,

Monday, October 11, 2004, 6:56:10 PM, you wrote:

AR> Hi,

AR> I am searching for information on how to set up an NT4 RAS server to
AR> authenticate users against a Samba 3 PDC.  Right now we have 2 domain
AR> controllers and the plan is to phase them out.  We want to set up samba
AR> as the PDC, but we need RAS to work for the time being.  Is there a way
AR> to do this?  We are going to use the LDAP backend for samba.  Is it
AR> also possible to have our NT4 BDC stay up, as a BDC to our Samba 3 PDC,
AR> for the time being?

AR> thanks!

AR> Aaron

For Dial-in i use mgetty+pppd(2.4.2)+pppd_ldap plugin
if u are goin to use LDAP backend, pppd_ldap plugin it'is your choice
This plugin can be easily adopted to authenticate users against a Samba 3 PDC,
but for now i don't know what this means

Best regards,
 ds_shadof                           ds_shadof at -@- at uni-altai.ru

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