[Samba] Legal questions with jCIFS 0.8.2

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 11 18:36:42 GMT 2004

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Molly Williamson wrote:
| I work for IBM and our developers have used jCIFS 0.8.2
| in our product.  We are now going through legal approval
| and have some questions.
|    If people submit code changes to your product, do
|    you find out if the submitter has the right to
|    distribute the code?  If so, do they need to
|    sign any kind of statement?  I couldn't find version
|    0.8.2 on your web site.  The legal question is
|    how long has this version been available.  And,
|    has the license changed?
| Thanks much!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!
| Molly Williamson
| iSeries Access Project Manager
| IBM Rochester, MN
| Office: 507-253-5467  Tieline: 553-5467
| Internet address: molly at us.ibm.com


Chris is probably a better target for your questions.  And
there is a specific jcifs list IIRC.

cheers, jerry
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