[Samba] Disable roaming profiles per user

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Oct 11 13:00:32 GMT 2004

>>That's what I was afraid of.... I guess they'll just have to make sure 
>>they know how to turn their profiles by hand, otherwise make the profile 
>>small enough to be sane or deal with the hour long logon.  Some people 
>>just can't realize that an email client isn't a decent file storage medium.
>thankfully, Outlook has a built-in 2G self-destruct feature - perhaps
>that is older version, but it was highly educational for those who don't
>have time to clean up their inbox/sent mail.
Too bad (or not ;) ) we don't use Outlook, much.  Mozilla products have 
a slightly different annoyance factor, one that includes the retarded 
notion of NOT putting your cache somewhere under Local Settings... and 
then setting a 50MB cache size.  Ever tried to copy 50MB of 1-10KB files 
over the network?  It's not fun.

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