[Samba] netlogon and domain trust

Brecht Samyn Brecht.Samyn at kulak.ac.be
Mon Oct 11 07:37:11 GMT 2004

Do login-scripts work within a domain trust ?

I have 2 domains, where domA trusts domB.
Loginscripts (connection to netlogon share) work in both domains.

But when I try to login in domB on a host that belongs to domA, I can 
login, but there seems to be no connection to a netlogon share (not on 
the domB nor on the domA PDC).

How can I make sure the loginscript is always executed?


Brecht Samyn,      Systeemgroep
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk (KULAK)
tel. ++32 56 246 264

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