[Samba] Disable roaming profiles per user

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Oct 11 03:32:57 GMT 2004

>>Does anyone know if there is a way to disable roaming profiles, for a
>>particular user, from the server side?
>>I thought of trying to blank the server profile string in their account
>>attributes, but of course that says 'use the default' which will be to
>>do whatever smb.conf says.  Will setting it to something nonsensical,
>>like a space, make it think to not have one?
>You will need to set the default to a specified blank. ie:
>	logon path = 
>Then specifically set a logon path for each user for whom you do want a 
>roaming profile.
That's what I was afraid of.... I guess they'll just have to make sure 
they know how to turn their profiles by hand, otherwise make the profile 
small enough to be sane or deal with the hour long logon.  Some people 
just can't realize that an email client isn't a decent file storage medium.

On a seperate thought, would anyone like to comment on if the 'terminal 
server profile path'  parameter is being developed and if so, how far 
along it is?

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