[Samba] Samba 3.0.6 and OpenLDAP performance problem

Marcel de Riedmatten mdr at dotforge.ch
Fri Oct 8 09:37:21 GMT 2004

Le ven 08/10/2004 à 11:01, Tomasz Finke a écrit :
> Marcel de Riedmatten wrote:
> > Another question: have you replicated your ldap server ?
> Yes, I have BDC server with Samba and slave slapd installed.  But
> more than 90% of users choose PDC as their logon server.  The
> "os level" at PDC is set to 255 and on the BDC to 33.  Perhaps
> I should set equal values for both servers?

I made some search on that one. You should probably use a 2 PDC setup
like the one discribed at 


toward the end of the page. Both PDC have 

domain master = yes
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 255

What change is the netbios name and the ldapsam entry doesn't have the
same order. 

Marcel de Riedmatten

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