[Samba] Help - Adding winXP pro clients to win95 and Samba 2.2.x setup

bill eight b88e88 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 09:00:03 GMT 2004



1) Do I have to upgrade to Samba 3.x
to support winXP pro clients

2) What are the complications of adding
WinXP pro clients to an existing win95/samba 2.2.x

3) IF i have to upgrade to Samba 3.x,
is it easy, or do I have to plan to
do a bit or a lot of work.

-- background --

I am looking for the easier/quickest way
to do this.

the boss man is happy with the old ways,
and doesn't want a PDC of automounted
home directories.

currently the office has about 6-8 
win95 pcs, using a rh 7.3 linux
file server w/samba 2.2.x

I'm replaced 1/2 of the systems with
winXP pro, and during the initial
test had complications. A winXP pro
clients didn't see or attach to the 
file server. 

I don't know why...


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