[Samba] Samba 3.0.7 on Linix/Sparc

Jason McCormick jason at devrandom.org
Fri Oct 8 01:11:59 GMT 2004

Hello all.  I'm having a very odd problem that I can't solve and I 
hopinig someone here can help me.   I have the latest samba package 
installed onto my sparc. Samba is configured for a PDC role with all 
appropriate machine and user accounds. A Win2K client can authenticate 
perfectly against the box, get credentials, login to the workstation, 
etc. A user can browse through shares and folders just fine. However 
whenever the Win2K client attempts to open a file, the entire 
workstation locks up, requiring a kill of explorer.exe. Standard logging 
seems to reveal no obvious problem. Talking with some people on the IRC 
channel last night reveals that others are seeing similiar problems.

I enabled logging at level 4 and through all the spew it appears that 
whenever the Win2K box tries to access the file, Samba performs a series 
of file operations, including attempts at locks and then freezes and 
finally tries to send back an message of 
"NT_STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND" however this does not seem to unlock 
the client. For reference Samba appears to "see" the file exists (and it 
does exist as -rw-rw-rw). For reference, this same file structure is 
exported via NFS as well and file access works as expected there. I 
tried disabling NFS to rule out any lock problems but that didn't seem 
to help.

   I've looked at the traffic flow, the TCP steam seems to be working 
just fine in both directions between the server and the workstation. 
I've dumped a complete "transaction" of the Win2k box trying to open a 
sample file. To setup the scenario a little better, the file location 
/data/usr is shared as \\cirdan\usr. Within that is 
/data/usr/jason/learnvi.tar.gz. The user logged in to the Win2K box 
authenticates to a UNIX user that has read permisions to that file.

I've posted a log of the attempt to open the file over Samba at 
http://www.devrandom.org/~jason/samba.log.  My smb.conf i at 

Anyone help me?  I've been beating me head against this for about 8 days 


-- Jason

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