[Samba] Samba with winbindd AD Group access limit problem

PFreund at kichler.com PFreund at kichler.com
Thu Oct 7 20:22:04 GMT 2004

I'm running Samba 3.0.2 on Solaris using winbindd to allow me to security
tailor access to subdirectories on a Samba share. We assign the
subdirectories within a Samba share to an Active Directory group name. This
generally works fine but I am having user access issues from the Win2K / Win
XP workstations that have mapped the share. The problem seems to be related
to the number of groups / total length of group names the user is assigned
to in Active Directory. If there are too many groups (or the aggregate
length of all group names is too long), the user cannot access the secured
directories even though they are a member of the group in AD. If I keep
reducing the number of assigned groups in AD, the user can, at some point,
gain access to the directories.

Can someone tell me the following:
1. What limitation is causing this problem?
2. How to I remove the limitation?
Phil Freund 
System Administrator 
Kichler Lighting Group

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