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Thu Oct 7 18:57:38 GMT 2004

Important message.
Please print and keep this for your records. 

An individual at our website is sharing Opinions and Information regarding you in our online community. 

Why did we send you this email?

When people find out others are talking about them, whether it is good or bad, they usually want to know. We feel that is is our responsibility to try to inform subjects so they have an opportunity to find out what is being said.

To examine requests regarding you use this link:


Our Identity Protection System is a simple system in which this website sends email messages to the Experience Request author on your behalf, and vice versa. This website will never reveal the identity of the Experience Request author to you, nor will it reveal your identity to the author of the Experience Request.

You can avoid future notification emails like this by adding your email address(es) to our Do Not Email List.  

Just use the following link:


Once you understand how our website works you will realize that it is really very simple.  Although it may seem confusing or complicated at first glance, in reality it is very simple.


Support Department

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